XII WRTCS & 23 YUCOMAT joint event
 August 29 – September 2, 2022, Herceg Novi, Montenegro


The conference will be held on August 29- September 2, 2022, at the Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort Herceg Novi****, Herceg Novi, Montenegro (www.hercegnovi.com).

Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort Herceg Novi****

Herceg Novi, Sveta Bubala bb.
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Herceg Novi is a town at the entrance of the Boka Kotorska Gulf in Mediterenian, cuddling among two hundred and fifty species of tropical and subtropical plants. A town overlooking the sea from its steep hill, from its fortresses, stone stairs and belfries. It overlooks the sea with its gardens of blossoming oranges and lemons, tranquil palms, pines and cypresses. It overlooks the sea with its windows, balconies and terraces in the endless green and red of camellias. The town lyring the blue sea with fragrance of its roses, oleanders, jasmines, magnolias and mimosas.

A town flowers brougth to Herceg Novi not by gardeners but by seafarers. Rather than bringing home gold necklaces, the restless Odysseuses from Herceg Novi presented exotic and aromatic plants to their faithful Penelopes, so for centuries in a row the most exotic species from all continents kept arriving at the town, turning it into a garden of tropical and subtropical plants.