The International Institute for the Science of Sintering (IISS) is an academic association, international, voluntary, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. The IISS was established in 1968 in Belgrade, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia by fifteen eminent scientists from 10 different countries, with the main goal to promote excellence in science and technology of sintering and related phenomena at the international level.

Within the scope of IISS activities, the following are particularly significant:

  • Organization of the World Round Table Conferences on Sintering and International Conferences on Sintering (ICS);
  • Editing and Publishing of the International Journal "Science of Sintering";
  • Organization of scientific seminars and discussions relating to special problems in sintering;
  • Awarding of medals, honorary diplomas and certificates for exceptional achievements in the field of sintering and related phenomena.

 The main sources of the IISS funding come from:

  • Income from Conference fees organized by the IISS annually
  • Annual dues of the Supporting Members (Sponsors)
  • Contributions from Organizations, Associations, Companies, and Individuals
  • Donations
  • Any other source of income different from the above.

The members of the IISS are leading experts with a notable record of publications, patents and innovations in the science and technology of sintering and related phenomena. The recruitment process is highly selective to uphold the high scientific standards of the Institute.

The total number of elected members is 163, of which today are 76 active (honorary, full and corresponding members), 30 are non-active and 57 are deceased, who have made a large contribution to this area. CV's and the accompanying list of IISS member publications represent a database in the science and technology of sintering, where people can get acquainted with the achievements in this field.


See IISS Directory (january 2022)