1936 – 2001

Cemented Carbide and Tool Factory SINTAL,  Zagreb, Croatia


Davor Dužević was born on the island of Hvar, Croatia. He comes from a prominent Dalmatian family, with distinctly Yugoslav and pro-European orientation.  He graduated from the Faculty of Physics in Zagreb and defended his doctoral dissertation in 1976 entitled "Principles of Physics of Molybdenum Consolidation", Faculty of Electronics, University of Nis, Serbia. He was able to accomplish all of this under the guidance of Professor Momcilo Ristic, which Davor was especially proud of.

Dr. Dužević was a Professor at Secondary School for Teachers from 1960 -1961 and then went to Cemented Carbide and Tool Factory SINTAL, located in Zagreb, Croatia. He spent most of his professional life there, started from 1961 to 1978 when he started his employment with Electronical Institute “Rade Končar”. He stayed there until his retirement.  

During his entire working life that started in 1961, he had also collaborated with a number of high-level school institutions (Faculties and Institutes), national as well as international: Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia, Institute of Technical Sciences SASA, Belgrade, Serbia, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and various institutions in Germany (Wolfgang A. Kaysser being the most prominent one). Thanks to his cooperation with the Institute for Problems of Materials Science the USSR, Kiev, Ukraine (Prof. G.V. Samsonov), he established and exceptional cooperation with Prof. M. M. Ristic, and the two of them achieved some fantastic results in this field.

As a physicist by education, he made a significant contribution to Powder Materials Science in both, the fundamental achievements in the field of transport mechanism materials during sintering, as well as a number of technological achievements that he accomplished within the SINTAL Factory.

He unexpectedly passed away in 2001, in Zagreb, Croatia.