1931 – 2018

Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


Prof. Władysław Włosiński was born in Piotrkow Kujawski, Poland on November 14, 1931. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1962, and after obtaining his doctoral degree, he was awarded the academic title of professor of technical sciences.

He was an outstanding expert in the field of bonding advanced materials, diffusion processes and thermodynamic description of solid-state reactions. He was the author of many monographs dealing with these problems, including: Bonding metals with non-metals (1994) and The Joining of Advanced Materials (1999). Prof. Wlosinski was the creator of 17 patents concerning the mass production of housings for power diodes and thyristors, as well as methods of analysis of elements with high vapor pressure in electronic materials. In his rich research activity, he was Vice-Rector for Science at the Warsaw University of Technology (1994-1999), chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (from 1996). He was a member of the Warsaw Scientific Society (since 1979) and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Technical Sciences (since 2006). He was also the advisor of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the Polish-Chinese Dialogue of Scientists and Engineers.

Prof. Wlosinski was Laureate of the 1st degree State Award (1974), the Award of the Minister of National Education (1994 and 1999) and the Chinese Government Award (2008). Decorated with the Officer's Cross (1997) and the Commander's Cross (2004) of the Order of Polonia Restituta, he also held an Honorary doctorate at the following universities: Silesian (2005), Wrocław (2006), and Świętokrzyska (2014).

A man with a great heart and enormous kindness has passed away on April 22, 2018 in Poland.