1921 – 1990

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, India


Professor Dr. Tendolkar was born in 1921 in Bombay, India. In 1940 he graduated in Chemical Physics at Bombay University India, and in 1942 graduated in Chemical Engineering at the same University. In 1947 he received the degree of Ph. D. in Metallurgy in Sheffield, England. Professor Tendolkar was working at The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and was a Professor at ·Department of Metallurgy Engineering, Bombay University. He was engaged in the sintering process since 1944. The basic problems he was dealing with in his long career were activated sintering - chemical and physical methods, studies of sintering on models. He published a great number of papers in this field.

Professor Tendolkar was the President of the Indian Institute of Metals, Bombay, a member of The Editorial Board of The International Journal of Powder Metallurgy (New York, USA).