Иван Михайлович Федорченко

1909 – 1997

Institute for Problems of Materials Science National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Ivan M. Fedorchenko was born on October 18, 1909, in Taganrog (Russia). He graduated from the Kamyansk Evening Workers' Institute (1930). From 1935 till 1952 he worked in the Research Institute for Agriculture Machine Production, and from 1952 he was head of the department of the Institute of Problems of Materials Science of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In years from 1957 to 1962, he was chief scientific secretary of the Presidium, from 1963 to 1988 an academician-secretary of the branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He was awarded orders and medals of the USSR, Laureate Paton Eugene Oskarovich Prize for his work "New antifriction wear-resistant metal-ceramic materials for heavy and special working conditions" in 1969, Honored Science Figure of Ukrainian SSR in 1970, and State Prize of Ukrainian SSR in Science and Technology in 1979.

He was a Ukraine scientist engaged in powder metallurgy problems, in studying materials and their heat treatment. Since 1962 he was working in The Institute for the Development of Materials, AN USSR, and from 1964 he has been Academic Secretary of Division for Studying Physico-Technical Problems of Materials, Academy of Science USSR. Since 1968 to his retirement Professor Fedorehenko was a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Physic of Sintering. Ivan M. Fedorchenko’s most important research work is devoted to the development of the theoretical bases of the metallurgy process and to forming new metaloceramic materials, to studying the composition-materials properties. He died in December of 1997.