Владимир Никитович Анциферов 

1933 - 2016

Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia


Prof. Vladimir N. Antsiferov (1933 - 2016 Russia) was born in the far East of the USSR in the Vladivostok region on November 26, 1933, into a poor teacher's family. He completed his primary and secondary education there. In 1962 he graduated from the Institute for Steel and Alloys and got introduced to powder metallurgy and materials science for the first time. It is then he decided to build a scientific and engineering career in that field. That desire took him to Perm where he received his master's degree in 1963 and his doctorate in 1972. Immediately after that, he initiated the formation of the Center for Powder Metallurgy and New Functional Materials, and he dedicated the next fifty (50) to it. The prestigious and highly respectful scientific Center was created, later the Institute of Powder Metallurgy, numbering over 400 employees. This unit is a scientific-research complex with "experimental production", which allows completing the entire work cycle - from fundamental theoretical to experimental, then the development of technology for making materials and finally, their production. Thanks to its high-quality programs, the Center has scientific and technical cooperation with many foreign partners from Finland, Japan, Germany, India, Austria, and other countries, and cooperates with scientists from Bulgaria, Israel, Korea, Romania, USA, ex-Yugoslavia.

Under the scientific guidance of Prof. Antsiferov, more than 70 master and 25 doctoral dissertations have been done. With collaborators, he is the author of 60 monographs, more than 650 scientific papers, over 260 patents, and technical solutions. The contribution of Prof. Antsiferov's practical solutions is enormous, above all to the development of Soviet cosmonautics, nuclear energy, and petro-chemistry. Many parts of the spacecraft BURAN, which are in the Guinness Book of Records, were created thanks to the achievements of Prof. Antsiferov and his associates (due to the possibility of being launched several times). In 1991, Prof. Antsiferov was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, an academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, and in 2000 an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The importance of his scientific results was confirmed by his election in several international institutions: in 1998 he was elected a full member of the International Institute for Science of Sintering (Belgrade, Serbia), in 2002 elected a full member of the World Academy of Ceramics (Faenza, Italy)… He is also the winner of numerous awards and recognitions, and one that should be pointed out is the title of honorary citizen of the city of Perm.