1903 - 1979

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia)


Prof. Dejan Delić was born in a teacher's family in Grgurevci, Serbia, which had a great influence on his education. He graduated from the Technical University of Charlottenburg, Berlin in 1929, and received his doctorate from the same University a year later.

In 1931 he was elected an assistant at the Department of Agriculture in Zagreb, and in 1934 he came to Belgrade as the head of the laboratory at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry. From 1940-1944 he managed the production for plant protection products and technical chemicals in the Zorka factory in Sabac, and became the first post-war director of the same factory. In the period from 1947 to 1950, he was the chief engineer of the General Directorate of the Chemical Industry of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia FPRY. In 1950, he became an assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology in Belgrade, 4 years later he was elected associate professor, and from 1959 a full professor.

In 1952, he was elected head and director of the Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology and stayed there until his retirement. Prof. Delic was the dean of the faculty from 1960 to 1962, president and member of the council, and head of the department for inorganic chemical technology.

Prof. Dejan Delic is the author and co-author of over 200 scientific and professional papers in inorganic technology and ceramic technology, especially in the field of sintering and piezoceramics. In Serbia, he is considered to be one of the pioneers in the field of silicate materials technology. Dr. Delic edited the journals Tehnika (Tecnique), Hemijska industrija (Chemical Industry) and Hemijski pregled (Chemical overview). He was an honorary member of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, the winner of the October Award of the City of Belgrade, and the holder of the Order of Labor of the 3rd Order. The October award was awarded to him and his associates for studying the issues of reactions in the solid state, their kinetics and thermodynamics. He is also the recipient of an honorary degree from the International Institute for the Science of Sintering. He passed away in Rovinj in 1979.

Source: Vitomir Hristić Family Archive