1920 – 2001

Politechnika Warszawska, Warsaw, Poland


Prof. Wladyslaw Rutkowski was born on June 7, 1920, in Krakow. He graduated from the Mining Academy in 1947, and acquired his Ph.D. in 1958.

Prof. Rutkowski started his professional career at IMŻ in Gliwice where he was the head of the Powder Metallurgy Plant (1947–1952), from 1952-1960 at IM Nież held the position of deputy director of the Institute for Scientific Affairs,  became an associate professor 1960–1965 where he was the head of the Powder Metallurgy Department at the Faculty of Metallurgy 1960–1968, associate professor 1965–1968, deputy dean 1967–1968; IBJ Świerk: head of the Reactor Materials Department 1968–1975; OBR Tekoma Anin: head of the Powder Metallurgy Plant 1975–1980; PW: full professor 1977–1980; organizer and head of the Metal Works at the Institute of Nuclear Research in Warsaw.

His research is dedicated to the phenomena and processes during pressing and sintering, the effect of additives on the structure and properties of sinters, the development of a semi-logarithmic equation for pressing (the effect of admixtures on recrystallization processes, the effect of oxygen content in powders on the sintering process). Prof. Rutkowski has published over 200 scientific and research papers published in Poland and abroad, 11 books, scripts, and brochures. He is also the author of several patents and supervisor of 28 doctoral dissertations.

Professor Wladyslaw Rutkowski was a member of many Polish and foreign scientific societies, including IISS-International Institute for the Science of Sintering, Belgrade (honorary member 1979 – 2001), Plansee Gesellschaft für Pulvermetallurgie, Reutte, Austria 1965–, Institute for Metals, London, Soc. de la Metallurgie, Paris. A member of many committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences, including Metallurgy Commission, Branch in Krakow and Warsaw.

He participated in the 1939 defense war under 6 PAL, organized the Powder Metallurgy Plant at the Iron Metals Institute in Gliwice, AGH in Krakow, IBJ in Świerk, Warsaw University of Technology, OBR Tekomie in Anin, was the vice president of Circle No. 3 ZBOWID, chairman of the Peer Court at the ZNP in Świerk, KO at the Hutn Institute. Rutkowski has won many awards like Golden Cross of Merit , Knight's Cross of the Officer's Order of the Polonia Restituta , State III degree award - team, State Council Award for the Use of Nuclear Energy (three times), Silver Medal Virtuti Militari, Award of the Minister of Higher Education, Plenipotentiary for Nuclear Energy. He died on May 18, 2001.

Taken from AGH History Portal, Władysław_Antoni_Rutkowski