1906 – 1982

Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland


Prof. Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski was a Polish chemist, physicist and mathematician. He completed his studies in chemistry at the Lviv Polytechnic, where he began his scientific activity at the Department of Physical Chemistry. There, in 1930, he obtained a doctoral degree, and in 1935 became an assistant professor of physical chemistry. From 1938-1941 Trzebiatowski was appointed professor and head of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry at the Lviv State University. An institute in Wroclaw, Poland called the Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research is named after him.

The first post-war years were the effort of organizing academic teaching in Wroclaw. Professor Trzebiatowski undertook to educate students, he lectured at high level inorganic chemistry and x-ray. He was known for high demands on listeners. His lectures and textbooks contain extensive knowledge of the spatial structure of solids. He is the author of the first Polish textbook of structural x-ray. In 1952, he began work on the determination of crystal structure by diffraction methods on poly and single crystals. Titanium and zirconium arsenide were the first to be studied. In 1956, at the Wroclaw University of Technology, he organized the first X-ray Seminar. On the initiative of Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski, research was conducted in many areas of science, such as: solid phase reaction kinetics, structure of catalysts, transition metal hydrides, as well as thermodynamic studies of intermetallic systems, studies of intermetallic actinide compounds, spectral analysis and X-ray structural analysis. In the field of sintering main contribution of Prof. Trzebiatkowski is in the study of basic processes occuring during high temperatures and high pressures metal powders sintering.

In addition to deep knowledge, Trzebiatowski was composed of: courage in undertaking difficult issues, intuition in the selection of colleagues and an iron consequence in team management. He was the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences from 1971 to 1977. Professor Trzebiatowski died in a car accident on November 13, 1982.

Taken from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Faculty of Chemistry, 2014