1914 - 1980 

The Plansee Group, Reutte, Austria


Prof. FRIEDRICH BENESOVSKY (1914 – 1980) was born on July 5, 1914 in Wagstadt (now Bílovec, Czech Republic). He was the son of the chief local government official Franz Benesovsky. After attending Primary and Middle School in Troppau, he completed his secondary education in Brünn. He then devoted himself to study at the Technical University Brünn, in the department of Applied Chemistry obtaining distinctions in both the first State Examination in 1934 and the second on 22nd June 1936. After a short period as a research assistant in the department of Applied Inorganic Chemistry, Friedrich Benesovsky was drafted to Reutte to the Metallwerk Plansee company.

In his early years, he was occupied with the scientific basis and the technological development of sintered iron and sintered steel. He composed his doctor’s thesis on “Alloyed Sintered Steels” at the Technical University of Gratz. During his 35 years in Metallwerk Plansee, his interest and research were in the field of metallic hard materials, especially carbides, borides, silicide, and nitrides, and was especially interested in the industrial application of these substances for special purposes. Numerous patents are based on the result of his research. He retired as the President of this company in 1974.

Over 290 scientific publications bear his name as author or co-author. Many of those books were translated into several languages, he was an editor of the Journal "Planseberichte fur Pulvermetallurgie", and in 1975 he was awarded the highest distinction which the German Metallurgical Society can offer.

He passed away in 1980 in Austria.

taken from “The proceedings of the 10th Plansee Seminar 1981”

Many thanks to Herbert Danninger for unselfish help