1929 – 2018

Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia


Prof. Momčilo M. Ristić was born in Mrčajevci (Serbia); D.Sc., University Professor, Academician (full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA), foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Technological Sciences, foreign member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and honorary member of the Engineering Academy of Yugoslavia). He earned a B.Sc. from the Belgrade University in 1954 and a D.Sc. in 1962 with the thesis "Solid State Reactions in Al-TiO2 System".

From 1953 to 1959 he was head of the "Cer" plant Čačak, working on problems of electroceramic materials and from 1959 to 1974, he was head in the Institute of Nuclear Sciences dealing with problems of modern materials development, which included nuclear ceramic fuels, high refractory materials and metallo-ceramic materials. In 1962 M. M. Ristić was elected assistant professor at the Electrotechnical faculty in Belgrade and five years later he became a part-time professor at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the Niš University. In 1969 he was elected a full-time professor and head of the Department for Electrotechnical Materials. He was also elected a full-time professor at the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies of the Belgrade University in 1976 and the Philosophical Faculty in Nis and the Technical faculty in Čačak.

M. Ristić was the president of the management Board of the Joint Laboratory for Advanced materials of SASA, where he is principal investigator in projects concerning physical chemistry in the development of solid state new materials. He has also taken an active part in scientific research projects arranged between SASA and the American National Academy of Sciences and those between SASA and the Russian Academy of Technological Sciences and also, between SASA and the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine. His scientific activity is characterized by intense work in the field of materials science (theoretical principles of the sintering process and investigation of sintering of metal and non-metal materials; structures and properties of sintered materials; engineering problems of the sintering technology of materials; prediction of materials properties).

M. Ristić and associates have published a great number of scientific papers (over 700), books and monographs (26), dealing with problems in materials science, which are connected with the evaluation of modern materials from the viewpoint of synthesis of materials with properties defined in advance. His papers have been published in Australia, Austria, The Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Russia, USA, Ukraine. Some of his monographs are: "Theoretical Study of the Sintering Process", "Science of Sintering and its Future", "The Theory of Sintering Diagrams with Elements of Sintering Physics" (together with Z. Nikolić), "Modern Principles of Materials Science".

Investigations of non-metal and metal materials performed by M. M. Ristić and associates have established a series of significant laws based on which a technology for obtaining new technical materials has been developed - non-stoichiometric oxides for semiconductor components, electret and functional materials, construction materials etc. 

M. Ristić is the founder of the International Institute for the Science of Sintering (IISS), which is an independent voluntary scientific organization and the only one in this field in the world. The members of IISS are the most eminent scientists in the field of sintering from 20 countries in the world. Theoretical studies of the sintering process conducted by M. M. Ristic relate to fundamental analysis of processes taking place during sintering of real materials, sintering maps and the electronic theory of sintering. This original approach characterizes the worldwide famous Belgrade School of Sintering, founded by Prof. Ristić.

M. Ristić is a member of editorial boards of several international journals and has been editor-in-chief of the international journal "Science of Sintering" since 1968. He is also a fellow of the American Ceramic Society, honorary member of the Serbian Chemical Society and honorary member of the International Bibliographical Center (Oxford, UK). He died on August 10, 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia.