Григорий Валентинович Самсонов 


Institute for Problems of Materials Science National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Grigorii Valentinovich Samsonov was born on February 15, 1918, in the town of Pushkino, Moscow Oblast, Russia. In 1940 he graduated from Moscow Institute for Chemical Technology. From 1940 – 1947 he was in the Soviet army, fighting various fronts in WW2. From 1950 – 1956 he was a senior scientific collaborator and Assistant Professor at Chair of the Metallurgy of Rare Metals, Moscow Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold “M. I. Kalinjin”, where he received the degree of Doctoral Science. From 1956 until his last days Professor Samsonov worked in the Institute of Materials Development AN U.S.S.R. as the principal investigator of the Department, and from 1961 was also a Deputy Director of the Institute.

Samsonov was engaged in the fundamental research of physicochemical bases of the formation process of numerous refractory compounds. About 500 compounds were developed based on this research alone. Over 1000 of his scientific papers, 50 books and monographs were translated into many languages. All of his prolific scientific work was always directly linked with his great scientific, organizing, pedagogical and social activities. He was a main organizer and Professor of Chair of high-refractory materials and powder metallurgy at Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

We absolutely must highlight his contribution to the organizational scientific cooperation through the International Institute for the Science of Sintering – the result of such cooperation between our Institute and Professor Samsonov resulted in two monographs (Generalization of the Sintering Theory in 1975 and Activated Sintering in 1974), and a series of scientific papers.

Prof. Samsonov supervised many doctoral and Sc.M. theses. He was a permanent President of Kiev National University of the Technical Progress, a member of great numbers of scientific councils and editorial boards of international and Soviet scientific periodicals. Samsonov was accepted as a friend and as a scientist all over the world, as a person who built a part of himself into the material science unselfishly. His work was felt in the USA, France, Serbia, Sweden, India, Austria, Japan, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, England, Italy, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia… For all of those reasons, everyone that knew and collaborated with Professor Grigorii Valentinovich Samsonov will keep the memory of this excellent man and great scientist in the heart.


On December 22, 1975, this eminent scientist, corresponding member of AN U.S.S.R, Honorary Member of the Serbian Chemical Society, Full Member of the International Institute for the Science of Sintering, winner of a great numbers of Soviet and International recognitions for his achievements in science, died at the age of 58.