Born: 1925, lssay, Romania

Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest, Romania


Dr. Elena Labusca was born in 1925 in lssay, Romania. She graduated In at the Polytechn1cal Institute of Bucharest, and in 1966 got her Degree of Dr. Ing. and the Academic Order of Soientif1c Merit. In 1957 she was awarded the Order of Labour.

Dr. Labusca was the head of the Laboratory for Nuclear Materials at the Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest. Her research projects have included studies of the sintering of metals, alloys, and oxides with special electrical, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical properties. She was also working on the correlations between technology, properties, structure and irradiation effects. Dr. E. Labusca is a pupil of Academician Prof. Dr. T. Negrescu. She was a member of the Societe Francaiss de Metallurgie, and of the Societe Internationale Plances pour la Metallurgie des Poudres, Austria.