Born: 1930, near Bombay, India

James Cook University, Australia, Townsville, Australia


Navin Kothari was born in 1930, near Bombay, India. He attended M. G.Science Institute affiliated with Bombay University and obtained the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He also attended St. Xavier College and earned the degree of Bachelor of Science honors in Geology - Mineralogy in 1951. In 1966 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia. Since 1951 Dr. Kothari has been working in the field of metallurgy, ceramics, mineral engineering, and powder technology as an executive engineer, consultant, and teacher administrating and directing research, new product development, advisor, troubleshooter, designing and organizing processing plants for minerals and ferroalloys treatment, powder processing and engineering laboratories for research and teaching.

Dr. Kothari spent nearly 10 years in the USA working as a researcher and as an executive plant metallurgist at the Institute Metal, Chicago, Greenlee Foundry, Chicago and Dixon Sintaloy, Stampford. In 1960 he joined the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Queensland University, Australia.  In 1965 and 1966 Dr. Kothari was attached to the Danish Atomic Energy Commission as a Senior Scientist directing work in powder technology.

In 1967 was assigned as an Expert and Consultant to the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Ceylon by UNESCO to organize the present metallurgy section and to evaluate the possibility of establishing a Department of Metallurgical Engineering incorporating minerals engineering,  extractive, physical and mechanical metallurgy including fabrication, powder, and foundry sections. In 1968 Dr. Kothari joined the James Cook University of North Queensland (affiliated with the University of Queensland) to organize and build up minerals, powder, and materials engineering laboratories for graduate research and for undergraduate teaching to engineering students. Dr. Kothari was also teaching various courses related to minerals, extractive metallurgy, materials science, corrosion, ceramics, and powder technology.

In 1969 Prof. Khotari was awarded an A.R.G.C. (Australian Research Grant Committee) to initiate a research work on powder technology - metal/ceramic composites. The grant  SA8, 500 - for the year 1970 was the largest given to an individual in the James Cook University of North Queensland. Dr. Kothari has published more than twenty papers in the field of powder and ceramic technology, metal-ceramics, mineral engineering, physical and mechanical properties of materials in the outstanding English language scientific  journals: J. Appl. Physics, Trans. A.S.M.  Int. J. Less-Common Metals, Powder- metallurgy, etc.

Dr. Kothari was a member of the Institution of Metallurgist, U.K., Institute of Metals, Iron and Steel  Institute, U.K., Australian Institute of Metals, Royal Australian Chemical  Institute, Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and American  Society for Metals, U.S.A.

Professor was a member of the Editorial Liaison Board of the International  Journal of Powder Metallurgy. He was invited to join ITS - International Team for the Study of Sintering.