Born: 1930 in Kiev, USSR  (now Ukraine)

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic


Jakeshova was born in 1930 in Kiev, USSR  (now Ukraine). She graduated in Chemical engineering at the Moscow; Institute of Steel and Special Alloys and got her  Ph.D. at the University of Moscow.  Doctor Jakeshova is a pupil of Professors G.A. Meerson and C.B. Alcook.  For a long time, she was the head of the Sintering  Group at the Fuel  Chemistry Division, Institute of Nuclear Research, Rzez, CSSR (now Nuclear Research Institute Rez, Czech Republic). Doctor Jakesova was a member of the Society of Science and Technology of CSSR.  During the year 1969, she worked at Imperial  College of Science and Technology (Lond, UK) together with Prof. C. B. Alcook. At that time Dr. Jakeshova  started to study the application of solid electrolite technique for an investigation of ·the sintering of oxides. This method opened new possibilities to follow the exact role of oxygen in the sintering process.  Since 1970 she was back in the Institute of Nuclear Research where she continued to study and implement the above-mentioned method.