Born: 1933, Roma, Italy

Center of Nuclear Studies Casaccia (now Casaccia Research Centre), Roma, Italy


Dr. Majani was born in 1933 in Rome, Italy. He received his Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Helsinki, Finland, and the degree of Doctor of Sciences at the University of Rome. He was a researcher at the Center of Nuclear Studies Casaccia, Rome (now Casaccia Research Centre), dealing with problems of ceramic nuclear fuels. He was engaged in the investigation of ceramic powders pressing, pre-sintering and sintering, and the kinetic and thermodynamics investigations of solid-solid and solid-gas reactions.

Dr. Majani was a member of the following professional societies: Finish Chemical Society, Finnish Wood Chemistry Society, both in Helsinki, Finland, University Chemist's Association, Theoretical Chemist Association, Theoretical Chemistry Institute.