Born: October 25, 1936, Canada

McMaster University, Faculty of Engineering, Hamilton, Canada


Dr. Patrick Nicholson was born on October 25, 1936, in London, UK. For thirty years, Professor Nicholson has taught materials science as a Professor Emeritus of ceramic engineering at McMaster University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Canada. He has published more than 250 scientific papers, was cited more than 5 000 times, holds ten patents, and has written three books. Professor Nicholson is a member of the World Academy of Ceramics and the International Institute for the Science of Sintering. His Contribution to sintering and materials science and engineering is enormous, and some of his achievement is in the field of:

  • electrophoretic deposition and its use for processing of advanced ceramic and composite materials-colloidal stability of micro and nanoparticles
  • sintering of single and multiphase ceramic materials
  • precipitation in LiF-MgF2 solid solutions and their sintering
  • mechanical properties of ceramic and composite structures
  • fracture mechanics of titanium bioactive glass-ceramic composites.

He is the author of the popular book "A Disastrous Approach to Material Science". Through examination of the TWA 800 crash, the Challenger shuttle disaster, the Chernobyl meltdown, and Titanic's loss we are given a brief glimpse into the theory and application of the different fields of materials science in every-day life. He was able to explain and make us understand Materials Science, the structure and complexity of the materials and their weak points.